Current transformers

Low space requirement combined with outstanding performance

Current transformers

Interesting facts about current transformers

REO current transformers are particularly distinguished by their low space requirement, excellent linearity, fast response, and low iron and hysteresis losses.

Our current transformer designs are available for monitoring frequencies of up to 150 kHz and because of the tests performed before and during the production process (whether vacuum encapsulation, partial discharge measurements or high voltage testing) high reliability is ensured and are perfectly adapted to the application.

Active Current transformers

REO current transformers distinguish themselves in particular due to the low space requirements, excellent linearity and short response times. The new Hall Effect current sensors can depict different types of current types. (AC/DC/Impulse)

Passive Current transformers

REO current transformers distinguish themselves primarily due to their low space requirements, excellent linearity, short response times and their low iron und hysteresis losses.

Individual solutions

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