REO AG again sets the benchmark with the product launch of the REOVIB MFS 368 series of controllers

Frequency converters that can be used around the world for different voltages reduce investment costs

100% protection for your system, while reducing electricity costs and protecting the environment

During the development of the REOVIB MFS 368 we maintained close contact with our customers and partners in order to meet future requirements within the field of Industry 4.0 today. Thanks to the cooperation of our developers at REO and the technicians of the REO Digital Connect 4.0, a startup of REO, which deals exclusively with digitisation and device communication with regard to Industry 4.0, completely new approaches were taken,” concludes Mr. Jörg Rohden, board member and Head of Product Development. “The result is the most state-of-the-art and future-proof control system for vibratory conveyor technology on the market.”

REO is launching the world’s most advanced vibratory feeder control system in early 2020, the REOVIB MFS 368. Having a compact design, it combines a wide range of applications with a wide range of security mechanisms and interfaces.

With a range of 110 to 230 volts input while maintaining a constant 205 volt output and extensive certification, the new REOVIB MFS 368 is ready to be used anywhere in the world. Where once several conveyors were used, now, one REOVIB MFS 368 is enough. Thanks to automatic control, the conveying performance always remains constant, regardless of the place of use, changing mechanical loads or wear of springs. Manual adjustment or readjustment is no longer needed, making worry-free continuous operation possible.

The power consumption and thus the energy consumption of the new control unit MFS 368 has been significantly reduced, which over the years compensates for the acquisition costs. Another important contribution to the resource and environmentally friendly production by REO.

The REOVIB MFS 368 has an LCD display with multilingual full-text display that is easy to read from any position. Intuitive operation means no more complicated menu structures or subject-specific knowledge as a requirement for operation. That greatly increases the reliability and reduces the risk of destruction or costly failures.

In general, the safety of the components and the entire production was one of the fundamental parts of the development. Therefore, it goes without saying that the REOVIB MFS complies with 368 EMC standards and that the optional UL and CSA certification has been provided.

The optional temperature control of the magnets once again increases the safety of the system, which is another of the many advantages of the product,” explains Mr. André Kurzbach, Member of the Executive Board and Sales Manager of REO AG, adding: “The magnets of the conveyor system are controlled during operation, which prevents overheating and potentially expensive destruction of the conveyor unit.”

The REOVIB MFS 368 is IIOT-Ready and therefore is already an ideal fit for modern communication technology of Industry 4.0. Even if no such technology is currently used by the customer, the interfaces guarantee a worry-free integration without additional future costs. In addition, the hardware and software REONET DL (Devices Link) and REONET CT (Configuration Tool) developed by REO are also supported.

The market launch is planned for early 2020. The product can be seen for the first time at SPS 2019 at the REO AG booth (Hall 4 – booth 150) from 26.11.2019 – 28.11.2019.