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e-mobility with REO

›› The right look ahead

Jasminka Usein
Board member

“We had already recognised at an early stage the change in social awareness and resulting potential in the field of e-mobility. As a result, the research and development work activities we have undertaken previously are now paying dividends. We offer a unique product portfolio globally with our intelligent and smart test systems that can be used in almost any area of e-mobility.” Jasminka Usein

With the ongoing move towards electrification, REO has bundled together and considered in a logical manner its strengths in the production of inductive, resistive and electronic components. While many providers are forced to purchase technologies, REO can revert to more than 95 years of experience, thus affirming its innovative capability in-house, and particularly so in cases where sophisticated test systems are sought after.

›› Thinking ahead – test systems for e-mobility

Whether it is a charging station, wallbox or home charging station, any charging solution will need to fulfil stringent requirements before it is launched onto the market. In order to test these systems, REO is able to provide reliable solutions for charging systems that comply with stringent certification requirements, which can be optionally used both in private as well as commercial and public applications.
Tests are also carried out on the link and connectivity between the charging system and vehicle, namely the plug. They involve plug connectors (Type 1 and Type 2 plugs, etc.) and socket combinations under international standards for trade, construction and industry.

REO’s test systems allow providers of connectivity and e-mobility charging solutions to configure and test all mains voltages commonly found at home and abroad. A good example of this is the REOLAB 330 three-phase AC supply voltage system, a popular choice for many customers.

The system typically consists of a power unit, which may be installed in the cellar, for example, and the mobile and ultra handy REO PowerFormer controller with its 9“ touch screen panel, enabling flexible and rapid testing without taking up a huge amount of space in the laboratory.

›› Digitisation and connectivity Made in Germany

New production methods require modern technology. As a result, networking and digitisation are right at the very top of the requirements specification. A variety of REO test systems come with Ethernet interfaces as standard, enabling centralised control of the test device outside of the direct test environment. Control commands, measured values and responses then converge externally. The technology involved is developing at an ever quicker pace. Our aim is not merely to satisfy the state of the art, but to shape it. As part of the REO Group, REO Digital Connect 4.0’s primary task in this regard is to develop new interfaces for the production procedures of the future.