REO develops and manufactures customized magnetic components for battery trains or battery locomotives.

›› Away from diesel drive, towards electrified trains and locomotives

For almost 100 years, REO has been both a reliable companion and driver of technical progress. In the field of railroad technology, another logical development is now taking place: Away from diesel propulsion, towards electrified trains and locomotives.
Currently, diesel locomotives are used for shunting work, on lines generally without overhead lines, and for work on the rail network where the overhead line network is disconnected from the power supply for safety reasons. For a timely implementation of zero-emission rail transport, the locomotives must consequently be replaced by electric locomotives powered by hydrogen or from a battery storage system. REO is working with international partners to retrofit existing trains in the spirit of the circular economy while also enabling completely new designs. The first magnetic components are to be ready for operation as early as 2021; these are line reactors, chopper reactors, sine filter reactors and transformers equipped by REO.

REO continues to drive the minimization of emissions with its developments. If you also have projects for the electrification of existing components or would like to develop new electrically operated systems, our customer consultants will be happy to assist you.