Sustainability and electric drives – two inseparable concepts for REO

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We are consistently expanding our range of components for the electrification of mobility. In doing so, a great deal of attention is paid to innovative production processes, efficient workflows as well as constant further development. We remain true to our almost 100-year tradition and are convinced of the advantages of electric drives. This is because electric drives have a very good efficiency compared to conventional types of drive, such as the combustion engine. At the same time, electric drives have advantages, such as energy recovery during braking, lower noise levels, a simpler design and they produce no emissions locally. Added to this are a longer service life, virtually maintenance-free, safe operation and lower costs – provided the components are of high quality. To ensure this quality, we focus on extensive quality tests and the application of highly developed analytical methods in product development and product improvement.

Today, we offer special brake resistors, chokes, current filters and current transformers for almost all means of transport, from cars to trucks and ships to aircraft.

In practice, the progress towards electric drives is particularly evident in urban transport companies. Step by step, many companies are replacing their diesel-powered buses with buses with electric drives. What remains hidden for many, however, is the enormous technical effort that is necessary for trouble-free operation. This is because the long cables and electrical components in particular can lead to radio interference. REO therefore offers all manufacturers of electric buses special EMC filters or chokes of the new N CNW series to eliminate interference in the vehicles.

We are on the way to sustainable and clean mobility – with components from REO.

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