New catalog for heavy duty components

›› Bundling expertise for particularly heavy-duty REO components

For the first time, the new heavy-duty catalog provides you with a clear and modern overview of all REO components that meet the most stringent requirements. These include chokes, transformers, resistors, current transformers and complete solutions. In the case of complete solutions, the main focus is on the highly compatible support frame system, the REOFLEX Multiuse Frame. Thanks to the standardized support frame, REO’s track components can be mounted easily, quickly and very variably. For safe damping and suspension, vibration dampers can even be integrated into the unit as required.

All products have in common an availability as standardized products, as modified standard products or as individual development especially for your requirements. No matter what you choose, REO’s Heavy Duty products can withstand high loads. After all, in industry, REO components must work safely for many years under the toughest environmental conditions. Resistance to extreme temperatures, pollutants such as salts, gases, coal dust, oil or brake abrasion is essential. In the new catalog, you will learn in detail how REO makes the high protection classes and the durability of the components and complete solutions possible.

REO manufactures products that will accompany you safely for a long time. We firmly believe that our experience in development and production, the use of high-quality materials, as well as a careful use of resources are fundamental aspects for long-lasting products, reliability and your satisfaction.

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