Demand for modern resistors from REO increased significantly in 2022

›› Modern resistors for e-drives

Not only since the new geopolitical situations in 2022 has the electrification of products or entire industries been in high demand. The electrification of mobility is advancing in all sectors of the economy and REO components are proving their resilience and reliability daily. Due to the great scalability of the performance classes, mobility solutions can be electrified from small autonomous robots to buses and container ships. The advantages of electrified drives are obvious. Compared to conventional drive types such as the combustion engine, electric drives have a very good efficiency. At the same time, e-drives have a significantly lower dead weight in relation to their power and do not cause any local emissions. However, for an electrified drive system to work safely and reliably, special components are needed. For example, REO braking resistors protect the machine from a voltage surge in the DC link. For your applications (e.g. wind power technology, railway technology, automotive technology), they guarantee a high level of operational safety and are overload-resistant under short-time loads. The charging resistor, on the other hand, is a current-limiting resistor for charging and discharging capacitors and limits, for example, the inrush current flowing into the DC link capacitor. For this purpose, the unit must be designed for a high single pulse energy and rated voltage. For particularly effective cooling in the most adverse conditions, REO offers a wide range of liquid-cooled components. Liquid-cooled resistors, such as REOHM D 330 from REO, are significantly smaller than conventional air-cooled resistors and are available in power ratings of up to 60 kW. Efficient cooling is achieved by means of cooling channels incorporated in the heat sink, which enable cooling below ambient temperature and create a safety-relevant spatial separation of the current-carrying and liquid-carrying lines. Further advantages are a high-power density and efficient, low-noise operation.

REO prroducts are characterized by a long service life and low maintenance requirements. This not only has financial advantages, but also saves resources that would be needed for new products or spare parts. With our products, you can therefore play a part in minimizing the global waste of resources. Become part of REO’s consistent path to more sustainability. We have set the course for a sustainable future and stand behind our ambitious goals. Our claim is based on the holistic strategy of reducing emissions and consumption in all areas of production and business.

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