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From placement student to engineer: a steep climb up the career ladder

The ability to gain new insights and create added value from an academic perspective is something that many students spending months working hard on their Master’s thesis long for. With his final thesis project, Ghulam Bellal is certain that he has found an excellent partner in REO AG to foster innovation and boost opportunities to develop his scientific paper.

Ghulam Bellal, a 27-year-old student at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin), has managed to achieve what many of his fellow students would describe as the ideal conditions for their Master’s thesis, namely the opportunity to have the freedom to drive forward innovation and research in a highly specialised company. The key technical phases, such as electrical calculation, technical constructions and production along with all of the necessary testing, are performed by REO itself so that the various processes can be taken into account using an integrated approach as part of the work carried out. As a prospective engineer, Ghulam Bellal therefore has the opportunity to observe the entire development process of a pure electrical product, from start to finish.

REO AG has long been regarded as an insider tip among university graduates from the Electrical Engineering and Energy and Automation Systems segments. The resources the company has at its disposal can in particular be used to help combine the extensive work required for a Master’s thesis with a meaningful development programme. Bellal regards this as a key factor: “I’d be delighted if the results I obtained at the end of my Master’s thesis led to the creation of a finished product that I myself am able to verify at the test facility in Hennigsdorf. I’m also hoping of course that REO is able to reap the benefits of my Master’s thesis, whilst at the same time allowing me to meet the high standards for academic work laid down by the university and my supervising professors”.

REO AG also has a very positive view of the collaboration with students, thanks to their ability to tackle complex subject matters and research ideas with a robust and durable approach. Topics are dealt with that cannot normally be focused on to such an extent in the day-to-day business. The progress obtained as a result is clear, with REO AG’s investment in the specialist staff of tomorrow and training for young graduates for a specific area of work providing a win-win scenario for all sides.

Having started as a placement student at REO AG, the Master’s thesis is a important stage for Ghulam, who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. He is looking forward to the future with optimism: “The subject of the work, which involves designing a thermal and magnetic development tool for inductive components, provides me with a detailed view of the subject matter. This work has given me the opportunity to showcase myself and my skills and learn a huge amount at the same time. Once I have graduated, I’m really hoping to be able to join the Development department at REO in Berlin”.

REO AG is constantly on the hunt for the experts of tomorrow to work in its Electrical Engineering and Energy and Automation Systems innovation areas. Students can find out more about placements and final thesis projects at REO AG either at its head office in Solingen or its other German branches. There are special entry programmes available for graduates that kick off with the option of a work placement course. You can find out more about the career opportunities available at REO AG by visiting