REO AG launches a global advertising campaign

Technology drives us!

communicate the company’s technological competency and bring it to life

REO AG, with its head office based in Solingen, is regarded among industry experts as one of the most popular companies internationally. The company started a new advertising campaign in June 2020 to help raise its profile over a more extensive area as well. The aim is to communicate the company’s core competencies more clearly than ever before, doing so with the aid of insight provided by its global branches and the opportunities afforded by the latest media trends. The new promotional website at sets this project in motion

The aim of this new advertising campaign is as simple as it is ambitious, namely to transform itself from a “hidden champion” to a well-known big player. REO AG is indeed a heavyweight on the international stage. As a driver of innovation, the company occupies the top spot in several industries when compared on a global basis. The longevity of the products, as well as the long product life cycle and the service portfolio, make REO one of the most sought-after companies internationally for inductive, resistive and electronic components and complete solutions. It is impressive that global firms based in Asia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines or from the United States and Canada are working together with this family-owned German company.

The fact that high-tech solutions made in Germany continue to occupy the top spot when compared on a global basis is nothing new. And yet many are unaware of the fact that REO is one of these drivers of innovation. As a result, the company has now decided to pool together its developments and showcase them on a brand new website. Visitors to can now find out all about REO’s new technologies, developments and industrial solutions. One of the most important aims here is to communicate the motto “Technology drives us!” and bring it to life. “It is not just about showcasing our products and innovations, but also demonstrating the role REO plays in the world and the desires and thoughts that drive us. We don’t regard our technical knowledge merely as an advance, but rather as a task and driving force at the same time to develop ever smarter and better devices”, says Ruben Altmeier, Head of Communication and Project Coordinator. “For a medium-sized company steeped in tradition, this means we are also breaking new ground in terms of marketing. We work together with our colleagues all over the world and integrate modern forms of communication into our work both internally as well as externally.”

With REO Digital Connect 4.0, a start-up established in 2017, REO AG is able to benefit directly in-house from a driver of innovation in new forms of communication and networking. The start-up bundles the possibilities of digitisation and networked device communication with a view to Industry 4.0 and develops them further. Standards are constantly being questioned and new solutions for hardware and software are driven forward with the necessary visionary thinking.

It is precisely this visionary form of thinking that is in demand more than ever today. With changes happening globally as a result of the corona virus pandemic, valued promotional tools like trade fairs and events are being cancelled. REO regards this as a huge opportunity to communicate with customers, applicants and the general public using new and modern channels. Whether it’s live streaming, virtual Q&A sessions or testing out new social platforms, the sky’s the limit!