REO components for charging systems are reliable and offer protection

Safely charged

›› Components developed specifically for charging technology

Whether you are talking about charging stations, wall boxes or home charging stations, all charging solutions need to fulfil stringent requirements prior to entering the market. The Solingen-based company REO AG is now able to provide you with the right components to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and long, trouble-free operation.

Vehicles fitted with e-motors and battery storage systems are on the rise again. Major manufacturers are launching new models onto the market and small dynamic start-ups are merging every single month. Electrification is therefore possible regardless of the vehicle category; smaller city cars and large saloons rely on e-motors to the same extent. However, all vehicles face the same issue, namely where can they be charged?

As a result, various manufacturers of charging solutions are rapidly expanding their networks. REO AG has a broad product portfolio on offer for these providers. This enables the operation of smaller wall-based charging stations for domestic use as well as wall boxes connected in series in multi-storey car parks or docking station systems in parking areas.

“We are pleased to see electromobility now gaining acceptance among the population at large. Increasing numbers of heavy machinery and means of mass transport are also becoming electrified. Despite all of the benefits associated with e-motors, the charging infrastructure needs to be reliable, readily available and functional. With nearly 100 years of experience behind us, we are able to develop special components that will meet the high demands placed on modern charging systems”, says Wolfgang Senninger, Site Manager at REO’s Pfarrkirchen plant. He continues: ”Over the coming years, battery technology is expected to develop so rapidly that capacities in excess of 500 kW will not be uncommon.”

REO is already looking ahead to the future, developing components for charging systems that will meet these growing demands. The ability to cope with peak loads without disruption is just as important as the level of safety and convenience for users. Charging systems, for example, should therefore be able to charge all kinds of vehicles whatever the weather, and without a break either. To achieve this, REO’s makes its products exclusively in its German sites, pooling all of its e-mobility expertise at its main plant in Solingen.