REO AG awards REO Physikus Prize to three graduates of Gymnasium Schwertstraße

Honoring outstanding achievements in the field of physics

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Solingen, June 19, 2021 – for the twelfth time in a row, REO AG honours three outstanding school achievements in the subject area of physics with the REO Physikus Prize. The prize winners were honoured at the Gymnasium Schwertstraße in Solingen as part of the annual graduation ceremony.

“People who combine social commitment and striving for new knowledge are a guarantee for a good future of our society. This award should be a confirmation for their achievements so far and at the same time an incentive to continue on their path,” says Board Member Jasminka Usein and adds: “Motivation and appreciation for the achievements of young people are especially important against the background of the Corona pandemic. Therefore, it was a matter of the heart for us to make our contribution and to inspire pupils for the fascinating world of physics again this year.”

The REO Physikus Prize is awarded for the twelfth time to three high school graduates from Gymnasium Schwertstraße in Solingen. This year, they were honoured for their extraordinary achievements in the advanced physics course:

Johannes Schüle, Physikus in gold
Karsten Römling, Physics in silver
Alexander Wallrodt, physicist in bronze

By awarding the REO Physikus prize, REO AG is supporting local young talent at its headquarters in Solingen. After all, as a globally active manufacturer of electrotechnical and electronic devices and systems, REO AG is also dependent on young professionals. Jasminka Usein: “We work closely with universities, whether in Berlin or Wuppertal. However, we also have a traditional approach and train several young people every year to become electronics technicians for industrial engineering or industrial clerks. To date, we have been able to offer every apprentice a permanent job after completing their training. Many of our former apprentices now hold managerial positions, both at our headquarters in Solingen and in our other plants in Berlin, Hennigsdorf, Kyritz and Pfarrkirchen. Even if some go on to university careers after completing their training, as we all know, they are never completely gone. At REO, the door is always open to them as future junior staff for the research and development area. If that’s not motivation!