REO insulation systems for the German’s favorite hot beverage


›› REO transformers in coffee machines

With more than 2300 cups of coffee per second, the Germans are not world champions and not even European champions in this discipline. However, there is a good chance that REO components – Made in Germany – will provide the right coffee enjoyment.

REO manufactures transformers with insulation systems for well-known manufacturers of coffee machines. Thanks to their UL certification, they meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. In addition, the use of UL-certified REO components is more cost-effective for manufacturers, since any approvals and certifications for these components no longer have to be carried out. Based on these advantages, REO has equipped tens of thousands of coffee machines in recent years.

So when you enjoy one of the 2300 cups of coffee at one of the major coffee providers or quick service restaurants, remember: REO takes care of the enjoyment.