Protecting yourself against flooding is hard – However, REO’s service is quite simple


›› Robust and reliable

The fact that REO products are designed for maximum service life by using reliable materials is standard for us. On the other hand, the fact that we do not leave our customers standing in the literal rain even after an extreme weather event is real service where it is urgently needed.

Currently, a power supply unit, delivered to Switzerland in 1999 and used for many years in Belgium for feeding an AC high-voltage test system, is in our Solingen workshop for repair. During the catastrophic flooding a few weeks ago, the entire system at the customer’s site was more than 70 centimetres under water. Besides the water, mud, debris and oils did their bit and put a lot of strain on the components.

Even 20 years after delivery, REO is now in a position to recondition all components and subject them to a thorough overhaul. Apart from the water damage, the power supply is in very good condition and would have continued to serve for decades without the flooding. On the one hand, this shows how robust and reliable REO products are and that investing in high-quality components is worthwhile. On the other hand, it shows that REO Service can also reliably maintain and repair systems that are several decades old.

That is our REO service – Made in Germany.